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The ongoing transformation of the enterprise information and communication system to the cloud has made it possible for even the smallest enterprise take become more efficient and effective in the delivery of their services.


In a country like Kenya which were considered to be e-ready, the trends in telecommunication has not only increased coverage but also penetration and with the increasing enhancement of optical fibre, terestrial wireless and space satelite bandwidth, the access to the information system and services is being equalised all over the world.


This evolution in the information and communication sector is enabling a new way of modelling in the finncial sector as it takes advantage of immerging mobility and block chain technologies to a point where even small companies are participating in the capitalization of to enable leap frogging  and positively contributing at the community levels through a transparent financial model which not limited to the traditional top down funding model.


NetGate specifically is moblizing finance assets backed securiries which is available in the semi urban and rural communities where most of the enterprise who need to transform their information systems are located or found. In to undertake this, NetGate has  taken into consideration financial mobilization requires the concered enterprises to fully appreciate the history of money and how it is created as well as the impacts of emerging technologies to make a difference for many of the enterprises especially those in the rural areas


The opporunity for money mobilization include promoting equity participation and partnering funding organization in governmant, donor partners and also philanthropic foundations.

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